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A static page hosting is a web hosting solution specifically designed for serving static content. This includes HTML files, JavaScript, CSS, images, and videos that don't require server-side processing or database interaction.

Static hosting is inherently more secure since it doesn't involve server-side processing, reducing the risk of server-side vulnerabilities. Also, the simplicity of static files reduces the attack surface.

Yes, you can use a custom domain. You will typically need to update your domain's DNS settings to point to the hosting provider.

Static websites are generally very SEO-friendly as they load quickly and have a straightforward structure that's easy for search engines to crawl.

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript is helpful for creating and managing a static website. However, there are tools and static site generators that can simplify the process.

Yes, static page hosting is generally very scalable and can handle high traffic efficiently, as the server only needs to serve static files.

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